Windswept beauty

I have walked the paths of Granite Island (South Australia) many times before. A recent visit for my Mother’s family reunion brought me back here again. On this day the wind swept strongly off the Southern Ocean. It’s deafening, chilly wind is a regular event on this Island. Something the little local Fairy Penguins, hidden […]

Bethany 2.0

Ever get to the end of a portrait and have the person who is in the portrait say, “I don’t like it, it isn’t right”? Yep I have.

Striving to see

Focused on the path ahead, Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

My goal with portraiture is to portray the person, to see them in the final image. We all have our own stories. Everyone of us are unique and valuable.

To ‘breathe’ new air

Morning Mist in Jackadgery (NSW)

The moment in this painting, “Morning mist in Jackadgery (NSW)”, was beautiful and still. The mist rested low in the trees, hiding features and creating interesting shadows. To my then 8 year old daughter the fog was, “Just grey” and featureless. She didn’t understand that the beauty was what the mist was hiding and the light was revealing. The muted colours, stillness and the moist chill in the air was what made the moment so memorable.